Works in Progress

Apollo Grant (Apollo Grant #1):

GENRE: Urban Fantasy

SYNOPSIS: Famed phlebotomist Dr. Clarence Griffin has gone missing, and its up to Apollo Grant to find him. Complications arise when Griffin’s son Connor ends up dead in a Vegas hotel, leading Apollo into a series of events involving a group of vampires known as The Coven. It’s now up to Apollo and his roommate Murray to keep the supernatural tension in the city from imploding. Time is running out, and they need to hurry, before the mastermind controlling the Coven enacts their plan to create an army of super-vampires using Dr. Griffin’s research.


The Onyx Stone (Chondrial vol. 1):

GENRE: Epic Fantasy Adventure

SYNOPSIS: When Sera fell on top of Ford that day in the woods after running away from a botched heist, little did they know that the encounter would set them on a course in which their lives would be changed forever. After a harrowing night in jail, and a trying day in court, they meet Rupert, a professor with his own goals in mind. He reveals Ford’s importance in the quest to retrieve the fabled Onyx Stone, an object which can turn normal people into those with mind-influencing powers known as Chondrials. However, they are not the only ones looking for it. Friendships will be formed, and trials endured, but not everyone comes out unscathed as they try to find the stone and prevent it from being used by those who wish to destroy the world.

[This title is currently being queried to agents.]


Abdication (Crystal and Ash #1):

GENRE: Epic Fantasy Adventure

SYNOPSIS: Rena Rothos is her father’s youngest daughter, and is struggling to please her father while maintaining her own autonomy. Problems arise when rumors of a rebellion make it inside the palace walls, leaving Rena to wonder what her father’s true intentions are. With her betrothal announcement looming around the corner, Rena will have weigh the choice of whether saving the world is worth upsetting the balance of everything she knows.

[First Draft in Progress]


Once More, With Clarity:

GENRE: Sci-fi Detective Noir

SYNOPSIS: Detective Douglas Greene has been tasked with solving his father’s greatest case—the elusive serial killer known as the Back-Alley Artist—while struggling to maintain his eroding grip on reality.  His feelings for his best friend’s wife and the growing paranoia of being stalked by a man resembling his long-dead father complicate his ordeal.  In his search for answers, Douglas will find himself at the crossroads where his faith in law is challenged, and he must make a choice between justice, and what is just.

[Currently under revision]


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