August/September Update

We’re a couple days into September, and that means we are inching closer to the launch of Apollo Grant! I’m super excited for this release, and should have a cover art reveal soon, and will post to share with you once I have it. Launch details, including release date are coming soon, so please look forward to it!

As I wait on launch information for Apollo Grant to arrive, I am keeping busy developing a couple of new novel-length projects.

One of these projects is my spin at playing in the Dracula sandbox. Lucy (working title) explores the question of what if Lucy Westenra isn’t dead?

The other project is a Ghost-Horror story about a doctor who used to work at a mental institution at the turn of the twentieth century. Its current working title is Until Death We Don’t Part. The main villain of this story is inspired by the real life story of Carl Tanzler, who you can read about here:

Other things I’ve been up to have been attending Authors & Dragons Con back in the beginning of August. I highly recommend you guys checking their podcast out if you have the time.

Thanks for stopping by everyone, and stay safe out there!


Apollo Grant – Coming Soon in October!

Apollo Grant finally has a scheduled release of October 2021! The book has been picked up by Mocha Memoirs Press! You can check out the publisher’s other awesome titles here!

Soon, everyone will get to read this comedic horror story about a vampire hunter in Las Vegas who can’t seem to catch a break to save his life.

More details to come soon!



I won’t lie. Rejection as a writer sucks. It will leave a person with that knee-jerk reaction of feeling heartbroken and disappointed that their work is not up to snuff. However, I want to take a moment to say that rejection is NOT A BAD THING.


From my experience, there are two ways a writer can recover from rejection. You can live in despair forever and never write again–which if this is the case, perhaps you weren’t meant to be a writer to begin with–or you can nut up, Buttercup, and realize that the rejection is one step closer to acceptance and learn what the pass is trying to teach you.

Me, I always go for option number 2.

This can hold true for form or personal rejections, I have found. Allow me to provide some examples.

Let’s look at form rejections for a minute, shall we? You might think that the editor/publisher/agent, etc. who denied your work didn’t care about your submission enough. When I get a form response, I’ll take a look at the work, and if I still feel good about what I’ve written, then I consider that the form response is telling me one of two things. Either what I’ve submitted is too similar to something the place I’ve sent the sample to is producing, or perhaps, its just not the right market (writing to market is another topic I’ll get to later when I have the spoons, but is also something that is important to understand).

Now let’s take a look at personal rejections. These can give a momentary feeling of a knife still being stuck in the gut, but when you get a personal response, its a general indication you’ve leveled up, and you just need to fine-tune. I just received one of the best personal rejections two days ago in which the editor clearly stated why she passed, but then stated the work was strong enough to publish. I couldn’t have asked for a better response, because it made me realize I was almost there.

As that same editor also told me, opinions amongst editors and first readers can vary widely, so don’t be afraid to keep putting yourself up there.

Rejections are not mistakes, they are not bad things. They are LEARNING EXPERIENCES. Take the time to look at the positives of what you can learn from them, and I assure you, it will only help develop your craft until the door opens.


Writing Updates

Hello everyone!

I know its been a while, but I just wanted to give you all on a couple of updates for some things that are in the works.

Earlier this week, I received my third Honorable Mention in a row for the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest. Rumor has it that that even these are not given out lightly, so I’m pretty excited that I’m maintaining that level of consistency with my work.

Also in the works, Apollo Grant has been submitted to a small press publisher. Keeping my fingers crossed that it gets accepted and I receive a publishing contract.

Speaking of Apollo Grant, for those of you who know me, know that I was adamant about not doing NaNo this year. Well, after my pitch with the first Apollo Grant novella going so well, I changed my mind a bit and decided this year I would spend November working on AG books 2 and 3, so keep an eye out on the Works in Progress page for more details.

Abdication is on track to have the first draft finished by the end of the year, and a second Chondrial book is currently being outlined.

That’s all I have to update for now. Everyone take care, and stay safe!


WOTF Honorable Mention vol.37 Q1

Sooooo I got an Honorable Mention for the short story I submitted to Quarter 1 for vol. 37 of the Writers of the Future contest!

I highly encourage each and everyone of you who is looking to advance their skills as a writer, and move up that ladder called the path to publishing, to check this contest out.

I had such a great experience with it, and I look forward to seeing how my Quarter 2 submission performs.

In other news. I’ve submitted a piece of flash fiction (a short story 1000 words or less) to another market, so fingers crossed it gets accepted.

The final draft for Chondrial has made it through two rounds of reviews. Going to let it sit to the side before I do any line edits and start trying to query it.

Other projects in the works include an urban fantasy about a vampire hunter in Vegas tentatively titled Apollo Grant. I’ve also started a world build for a YA fantasy series, and have a few short stories in the bucket I need to work on.

Thanks so much for visiting everyone!


Keeping Busy During Quarantine

Those straw-looking weed things? Yeah, those are tumble weeds. My apologies for it being so long since the last post. I promise to keep things more active on a weekly basis here.

For now, here are a few updates of some things I have in the works.

My NaNo draft was completed. Will I do NaNo again? probably not. But November is a bit far off, so who knows what will happen in 2020. The novella for that project did finish final edits in March, and “Once More, With Clarity” was submitted to a publisher.

My fantasy novel project, currently titled Chondrial wrapped up the rough draft stages this week. Hoping between now and the end of May while the country is still in lockdown to have that draft typed in so I can start sending out to beta readers soon. (I handwrite all my rough drafts)

I’ve started an urban fantasy book outline for a vampire hunter series, of which the first book is set in Vegas–tentatively called the Apollo Grant project for now until I get more than the first chapter composed and figure out a real book title.

Other projects in the pipeline include another short story submission for Writers of the Future v37 Q3 (still waiting on results for Q1, but judging I know has been on hold because of everything with COVID-19), a rewrite on a young adult fantasy series tentatively titled “Crystal and Ash”, and interactive all-ages story about a character called Frederick the Dinosaur.

Pay attention to that last project in the pipeline everyone. More details will be coming soon about how the interactive story project will work.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by, and please look forward to the next update. A lot of great things are happening in 2020!


It’s October!

I hope you are all enjoying the month of October as much as I am! I know the month just started, but I love the fall! Cooler air, festivals, the trees changing color…I sense a trip to the mountains is not far off in my future. Just wanted to give all of you a few updates on some projects that are in the works.

Earlier today, I submitted my short story entry for Q1 of the Writers of the Future contest! I will provide updates to its progress as I hear back. Interested in learning more about the contest?

Here is the link to the contest rules.

I wholly encourage and support anyone that takes interest in wanting to submit to this event. I had an awesome time participating this quarter and I already have some idea planned for the next short story I’ll be submitting in January. Eventually I may turn the stories I submit into this contest into an anthology collection, so please look forward to it.

We are only 30 days away from National Novel Writing Month (Nano). Are any of you planning on participating this year? I had been going back and forth on whether or not I would make an attempt at this event in 2019, but ultimately decided to come up with something after some encouragement from my friends.

For my Nano Project, I am working on an outline for a sci-fi noir piece. I hope to have this outline completed by the middle of the month so that way, on November 1st I can hit the ground running. This is outside of my usual fantasy comfort zone, but after receiving some feedback, it’s a solid concept that I am looking forward to running with. I will be sure keep you all updated on progress for this project as well.

Here is the Nano link for anyone that wants more information:

Currently, when I am not working on my Nano outline or coming up with potential short story ideas, I am working on the draft for a contemporary fantasy novel (Working Title: Chondrial) that I HOPE to have the draft for it finished by the end of the year. It’s got a dystopian feel to it, and has a magic system that uses quartz stones as it’s base (I love geology, more than a sane person probably should). I have some other science elements tied into this story as well, and will be sure to release news concerning that as well as I am able.

That’s all I have for now, will talk to you all again soon!


My name is Rey Nichols. I’m an aspiring writer of fiction, currently living in Cramerton, NC.

I am currently working on my first book, an as of yet untitled dystopian fantasy, and I created this blog so that readers can join my journey with me as I work on this book and announce future upcoming projects.

My hope is that by communicating with my readers, I can answer questions about my work and engage in genuine discussions about what they would like to see develop out of me as a writer.

Thank you all so much for visiting, and please keep checking back for more updates!

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